Using Technology to Enhance Home School Curriculum

When you think of homeschoolers, a vivid picture of a super woman that is able to juggle everything seemingly effortlessly with smiling, perfect children. Although this picture may seem daunting, don’t let it deter you from home schooling your children. One great way to make home schooling a little less daunting is by using a computer to help you out. Look for home school curriculum that utilizes computers for a variety of different activities. Simply load on a CD-ROM of a math, science or English homeschool curriculum and let it help you through the school day. Not sure how a computer can enhance your home school curriculum? You’d be surprised.

Why not use a home school curriculum specific computer program to administer math tests. Select a program with a variety of different tests for each chapter and let the computer time your child while he or she writes the test on the computer. Then let the computer grade the test for you. While they’re working on this, you can turn your attention to your other child or clean the bathroom. Homeschool curriculum in science and English can be equally as helpful.

Whether you live in the middle of the beautiful country side with no computer or internet access, or whether you live in the middle of the city with technology readily available at your fingertips, keep in mind that no matter how good the home school curriculum, the most important part of your child’s education (aside from reading, writing and arithmetic) is making the most of every learning opportunity available to you. Remember that your children’s best teacher is not the computer, but you. Even if you find the greatest computer basedhomeschool curriculum, be inventive and make learning fun each and every day!

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