Use Contests to Develop Important Study Skills

When done right, contests are a great way to enhance your home school curriculum. Contests can act as great motivators, develop great research skills and develop character. There are lots of contests available for students all across the country, finding the right contest for your child can be a great addition to your home school curriculum. If you’re homeschool curriculum has a science component that focuses on space, a contest through the space Science Student Involvement Program might be a good place to start.

The motivation aspect can really come into play when students learn about the different prizes offered to contest winners. An all expense paid trip, a cash prize or a grant for university are all great motivators. A combination of a topic that compliments your home school curriculum, healthy competition and a reward are great motivators for increased education. If you’re interested in increasing your child’s motivation, look for regional and national contests that complete your current homeschool curriculum

Choosing contests that require research can greatly enhance your home school curriculum. Students can use encyclopedias, the Internet, local and college libraries and even personal interviews to gain the information they need. This is a great way to include the importance of research skills into your homeschool curriculum, while helping your children work towards their contest goals.

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