Tips To Recover From Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery and requires use of anesthesia for the operation. It is very common to feel groggy and tired as anesthesia wears off. Most of the patients are discharged on the same day but you need someone to drop you to your home. It is best to take recuperate of several days before resuming your daily activities. Every surgery has some after affects and takes time in complete recovery. The surgery is followed by certain degree of pain, tenderness, and even discomforts in the days to come after surgery. Your doctor will prescribe pain relieving medications and antibiotics for full recovery. Make sure to take these medications as given in your prescription.

One may even feel stuffy and need to breath from the mouth after Rhinoplasty surgery. Generally, surgeons place some nasal packing to reduce swelling and bruising along your nose. Therefore, there may some discomfort and uncomfortable feeling following your surgery. One may even have dissolvable sutures after the surgery and in some cases, these needs to be removed after full recovery. Bruising and swelling are the most common after affects of rhinoplasty UK surgery. In some of the patients, bruises may even extend to eye area resulting into black eyes. However, you should not be worried as these bruises will disappear with time and usually it takes ten days to three weeks in complete recovery.

Swelling is the longest side effect of rhinoplasty UK surgery and it is best to follow your doctors’ advice to get proper relief. You need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water every day and keep a check over your sodium intake in regular diet. Cold compresses can help in reducing swelling to an extent and it is best to avoid disturbing your nose.

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