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The first step in your exciting new career is to assess your motivations and strengths. We introduced that step and recommended and excellent career assessment tool on our Free Career Path Test Page. In case you haven’t figured out what career path to follow, you may want to check that out first. If you already know your career path or type of job, and you are headed in the right direction, based on your motivations and what comes naturally to you, then you are ready to create your resume.

It is important that your resume accurately reflects the person that shows up at the interview. It is also important that your resume contains every single element that a hiring manager will be scanning for when reviewing resumes. Some organizations use software to scan resumes, so it is vital that your resume is also created in such a way that it will be accepted by manual or automatic resume scanning methods. It takes an expert to create a great resume.

If you are like many job seekers, creating an outstanding resume on your own is not likely. Even if you are organized, can write well, and think are qualified to write your own resume, the task of doing it yourself may take too much time, and the final resume may not be the optimum resume for your job search. Also, it is always a great idea to have someone who is not biased and who knows your industry, to work with you on your resume. Not only is it important for editing and proofreading, but also for second opinions, ideas and expertise. You require someone who is up to date on the latest and most important elements and information to include in your resume based on your industry or career path.

You must be a big part of creating your resume because the resume reflects you (the person who walks into the interview room). However, you also must have a resume that meets current standards by providing the correct information and formatting to land you the interview. It is well worth the time and expense to work with a professional in your industry. Be sure that you have the most outstanding and the highest quality resume that will stand out, represent you as a serious candidate for the interview and ultimately, the career or job.

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