Put the Fun Back into Educational Toys and Games

Most kids can spot educational toys a mile away. That’s because most of these so-called toys aren’t much fun at all. They definitely don’t disguise learning as play time. Finding free educational games that kids can have fun with may seem virtually impossible, especially when expensive educational toys still can’t make the grade. So what is it about these games that miss the mark?

For starters, most free educational games consist of boring compact flash cards or obvious spelling or math lessons. Kids like to play and have fun during playtime. For many youngsters, this means lots of noise and interaction. They want to bang on things, they want to see lots of colours, hear lots of sounds and play physically. For the majority of kids, educational toys that can take abuse, while offering fun and a high level of interaction, are the best.

Educators wanting to create free educational games might want to pattern their efforts after the latest winner in the realm of educational toys. LeapFrog toys are hitting the mark with children all over North America. So much so that they are often sold out of stock faster than they can produce it. Not only are these educational toys genuinely fun to play with, they are also intuitive and stimulate learning while being a blast.

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