Project management course


Project Management as a discipline is becoming increasingly important and also very lucrative especially now when there is an overall increase in the demand for project based organizations across the world today. In much the same way that the mobile computing devices have replaced the desktops in our lives, project based organizations have come to replace traditional, functional organizations. This has led to an increased demand for project management courses and those who have undergone various forms of project management training.

Various organizations in varying industries from construction to maritime can benefit a whole lot from this fast growing discipline. It is not only a multi-disciplinary skill but also is one of the most globally recognized multi-disciplinary certifications in the world.
Certified project managers are becoming increasingly important to their organization’s success at achieving their strategic objectives. With this increasing importance comes increased responsibility, increased recognition and of course increased earnings. Here are some benefits of taking this discipline:



  • Human focused: Today, employees are no longer satisfied with the usual comfortable, rote work for which they need to take responsibility. Employees are looking out for more creative and empowered positions where they can make real impacts. Project based organizations provides this since they focus on goals and outcomes rather than working round the clock. Undertaking a project relies much on good communication and the realities of working with people. Research has shown that the more understanding and flexible an employer is, the more devoted and happy the staff are.
  • Flexible but structured: Project management perfectly combines the two needs of an organization – First, to be adaptable to changing circumstances, and second, to be structured, predictable and organized. Good project teams spend a lot of time ensuring that everybody knows what their responsibilities are and when requirements are due. They are also masters at adapting these schedules if something goes wrong, or things proceed better than expected.
  • Efficiency: A core project team with an excellent manager can be much more efficient than a whole stable of workers because, as a cohesive and dedicated unit, they can focus all of their energy on the task at hand. Fewer people can accomplish a single project, meaning that human resources are freed up for other work. One of the essential concept of project management is balancing the three requirements of cost, time and quality. These three factors are always in conflict and not all of them can be achieved at once. A good project manager balances these three factors and produces the most efficient result possible.

So the importance of project management can not be over emphasized. For organizations that are project based, having a good project team can save them a lot of mistakes, confusion, backtracking and delays – all of which decreases the efficiency of an organization. As a discipline, it is fast gaining global recognition simply because of its direct impact in a nation’s developmental process. Today, project management courses can be done entirely online! The best part also is that you can earn incomes by enrolling and activating this course.

For those that are interested in a taking a project management course online, one reputable online institution stands out and is available courtesy of the Swiss Management Centre (SMC) university Switzerland.