Post Graduate Courses: An Overlook

Post Graduate courses refer to those mba courses which are undertaken after graduation. In order to study this, a student must have acquired a bachelor’s degree from a university. The organization and structure of these courses differ from country to country and sometimes the institutions within a country may have differences. In most of the countries, a postgraduate degree refers to a Masters degree and a Doctorate. It contains both taught and research elements. Post Graduate Courses normally involve one specializing in a particular area of interest.

United Kingdom:

Masters degree in the U.K. includes one year of studies, which is assessed by an exam and a short thesis. The most common courses are Masters of Arts (M.A)., Masters of Science (MSc), Masters of Business Administration MBA  Masters of Laws(LLM), Masters of Education(MEd), Masters of Music (MMus) and Masters of Philosophy (MPhil). MPhil envisages two years of research ending in a dissertation of 50,000 to 70,000 words. MRes or Masters of Research is a relatively new taught qualification extending for about a year where one gets an in-depth education in research methodology. Doctorates take three or more years of independent study and research, which culminates in a dissertation of 70,000 to 100,000 words. Among doctorates, there is PhD or Doctor of Philosophy, LLD or Doctor of Law, DSc or Doctor of Science, D Litt or Doctor of Literature and MD or Doctor of Medicine.

United States:

In the U.S., masters’ degrees are offered in many fields. The progammes can be divided into two types- academic and professional .They extend from one to three years depending on the subject. Most academic masters provide entry into a career in academia or research while professional masters provide for entry into a professional field. Doctoral degrees take about 4 to 8 years to complete and culminate in a dissertation. They are the highest level and require original research for academic programmes and practical application of knowledge and skills for professional ones.

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