Anthropology Degree Online

An Online Anthropology Degree is one of the popular programs that are offered by a number of online Universities. The field of Online Degrees is rapidly extending because of its accessibility and valuation. Some universities and colleges offer Online Anthropology Degree, graduate level degree as well as post graduate level degree.

Degree offered

Apart from offering a science degree, many of the online universities offer online anthropology degree programs in Arts & Humanities, Education and Health and Medical. Anthropology is considered as an integral part of Science. The Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology is a four year long course. However Master’s degree, associate degree and Doctorate degrees are also offered in anthropology.


Those individuals who have a Master’s or a Doctoral degree can secure positions in various research programs, or get employed as professors or join any of the reputed social organizations like several NGOs. The job aspect in anthropology is very lucrative and the posts draw a lot of respect as well.

Future prospect

Many individuals have benefited by the Online Anthropology Degree programs. After the completion of the degree considerable chances in the social sector have opened up for them. The salary varies according to the organization, however it can be said that the offered salary offered for their first job is impressive. A research worker on Anthropology is respected and earns exciting salary. Among the Online Science Degrees, online Anthropology Degree program is popular and many students enroll themselves in online anthropology degree programs. A number of accredited and reputed universities and colleges offer degree programs on Anthropology as being premier one.

Offering colleges

Bachelors’ and Master’s both are offered through online Anthropology degree program are rewarded by universities and colleges like

  • Cayuga Community College,
  • Tiffin University,
  • Jefferson Community College,
  • California State University,
  • Herkimer County Community College,
  • Niagara County Community College,
  • American Military University,
  • Northern Arizona University, etc.

Most of the colleges and universities offer Online Anthropology Degree programs. The benefit of online education is the reality that the student can work their schedule according to the individual time. There is no imposition regarding attending classes on them, but they have to submit the assignments on time and complete the course within the stipulated time. Or else, they might lose the valuable opportunity endowed on them and that might just hamper their careers.

The online classes allow the students to stay at home and attend classes from one’s personal computer. This allows the student to feel relaxed and this reduces the stress of studies. The questions and queries are given ample consideration and thus helps the student to understand the study matter and to answer in a better way and complete the program on time.

Online Courses – The Freedom of Education

Modern life is enormously empowered by the advantages of the computer and internet access. The availability of internet access has introduced various useful aspects in the lives of thousand of young aspiring minds. There is an enormously growing population of students across countries worldwide. This has led to a simultaneous growth in the demand for better education – one that is technically advanced and professionally based. It is here that the role of Online Courses in various courses of education plays an important role.

Online Courses

The role of Online Courses is an interesting one as well. Recognized Universities and Colleges provide specialized and professional online courses to students who register with them. But instead of a regular classroom education this is imparted online through internet access to students who are physically located in different places of the world. Online education also gives interactive sessions between students and teachers online. Regular examinations are also conducted. Students are given accredited certifications only after successful completion of exams.

Advantages of Online Courses – There are a number of advantages in pursuing an online course in the field of higher education.

  • It allows one to simultaneously work to earn while pursuing higher studies
  • Online Courses are cost effective and thus affordable
  • The availability of online courses from reputed Universities and Colleges allow students from various places to acquire specialized education
  • Students have the liberty of pursuing more than one specialized courses of study through online courses and get recognized certifications
  • Online courses are an easily accessible mode of acquiring foreign qualification without having to incur the expense of relocating

Popular Online Courses

  • Management – The most popular among online courses is management education. There are various areas of management education that specializes in Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology, and Marketing to name a few. And these are easily available for working students through the medium of Online Courses. There are several renowned Universities of India as well as those of other countries that are offering several of their management courses online for students across the globe.
  • Language Training – There are many Universities and Institutes that offer online courses in language training. Courses offered in various languages including English at various levels that students may choose depending upon their aptitude. This is a very innovative way to learn a language for those who are pursuing full time careers or are involved in other streams of curriculum. It can be resourceful for the future too.
  • Information Technology Studies – This area of education is crucial for the student today. The study of Information Technology in its various aspects is a very useful education. Provision of acquiring this education through Online Courses is not only a convenient mode of study but cost effective as well. Online courses in hardware and software help students to acquire higher education at a low cost that they can afford. It also allows students to get education from renowned institutes, colleges or Universities located at other places.
  • Tutorials and Coaching – Online courses are very helpful when it comes to preparations for various competitive examinations and other examinations. There are several websites and online coaching classes that hold interactive sessions in solving problems and discussing theories online with students from different cities of the country or the world.


How we are different to another

Founded in 2009, OnlineDegreesPro provides comprehensive information about the various online colleges and universities worldwide. The information provided here is the best possible and authentic. It provides a platform for the prospective students to look for best possible opportunities to study further. This website carries updated and relevant information about the admission in various online schools, colleges and universities. OnlineDegreesPro also informs about all admission procedures, entrances exams and other related subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions


Basically the concept is to give students the opportunity to “live” the language. They live with a French family, take French lessons from a family member, and participate in the life of the family – including meals and family activities. The program provides both a language and cultural experience.



We accept students from 15 years of age on. There is no top limit. Actually, the majority of our students are adults either studying the language for pleasure or for business purposes.



Students must stay a minimum of one week. They may stay as long as they wish.



A minimum of 3 hours a day is standard. We have had students who have an urgent goal take up to 5 hours but most teachers find that 3 is the most productive.



Yes, all our teachers are experienced teachers, have university diplomas, and are very flexible and very welcoming.



We encourage you to speak only French. After all this is an immersion! If there is a need to communicate in English most of our teachers have a working knowledge of the language.



Students always have their own room and most often their own bathroom.



Yes. We can accommodate 2 students in several of our homes. If you are at a similar level you can take lessons together. If not, the time can be divided and the teacher can work with each student individually.



No. This is one of the beauties of the program. We can tailor make the course to your needs. Having trouble with a specific grammar area? You can concentrate on that. Have need for a particular vocabulary? Teachers can direct the program in that direction.



Absolutely. Another big advantage! During class time it’s you and your teacher who will converse. Again during lunch you are one on one and that’s a perfect time to practice. You are again with the family at dinner and on the weekends. It’s a fabulous opportunity to speak and to listen to French being spoken correctly.



Because we are small and have direct contact with our French office we are very able to deal with special requests. We’ve had a 6 year old come with his mother. He was the student. We’ve accommodated students with special physical and dietary needs. A father came with his two children – all of them studied. We are always willing to listen but will be honest with you if we don’t feel we can properly fulfill your needs.



The majority are in the Paris area but we do have a few in Provence.



There are no lessons on the weekend but you are included in family activities. If you want some time on your own our families are happy to help you find what you are looking for in the area.



The basic costs are all included in the fee – transfer to and from the airport, room and board, and lessons. If you should go to the movies, a museum, or out for dinner, for example, students are expected to pay for themselves. You may find you want to buy a text book or other study aids but that is about it.



Absolutely. Please click the following link to go to the Contact Us Page


Live & Learn Ltd

Thank you so much for your visit to the Live & Learn Website! This site will introduce you to both our French language and cultural immersion homestays.

As a past participant in the French language homestay program, I can personally attest to its value. I felt warmly welcomed, my learning needs and pacing were respected. I was encouraged when the frustrations that are an occasional part of learning a foreign language were evident. I will always be grateful for my teacher’s outstanding ability, patience, encouragement and good humor. Best of all, I made real progress.

All of our families have been carefully chosen to embody these attributes. They have elected to be part of Live & Learn, not solely for remuneration, but because they love their work. Helping students to better speak French and to learn the French culture are what attract our families to the program, and the immersion homestay experience is immensely rewarding for all participants.

Immersion homestays can be one of the best methods by which to increase your proficiency in French, or any other language. You are encouraged to speak only French with your hosts; daily conversation and interaction in a foreign language will increase your fluency much more rapidly than in a classroom setting. In addition, you gain a real working knowledge of the language as actually spoken by the French people, and will learn the subtle nuances which can only be attained in an immersion homestay setting.

I hope this site will provide enough detail to give you a good sense of the programs. I would be delighted to furnish any further information that you might need. Please feel free to call, email or fax me with questions. My colleagues in France and I hope you will consider participating in one of these exceptional experiences.

Cultural Homestay Program

The program offers an opportunity to live with a carefuly-selected French family in Paris or its environs. There are also limited locations available in Provence.

Stays inculde 6 nights in a comfortable private room. Some homes outside of Paris have private baths.

Six breakfasts and 6 dinners in the home of the host family are included, as are 3 simple restaurant lunches on excursion days.

Stays generally begin on a Saturday, and conclude the following Saturday after breakfast.

Stays include 3 days of excursions to Paris and its environs, accompanied by a family member who will act as your guide.

All homes in the suburbs have access to the city of Paris via public transportation.

Cultural homestays are available in French, English, or a combination of the two languages.

Families have extensive knowledge of French history, art and culture. In addition, they are conversant on a variety of subjects.

During the participants’ independent time, the families will do everything possible to provide them with theinformation necessary to make their visit a special one.

Participants become a part of family life during their stay and share in a cultural exchange, as well as having the opportunity to visit the sights of the area.

Programs are generally designed for individuals, but it is possible to arrange for two participants; couples, family members or friends.

Cultural homestays are an ideal way for individuals traveling alone to visit Paris.

Admission fees to museums, historical landmarks, and public transportation are included during scheduled excursions to Paris.

The following is a sample of possible topics to be discovered with your family:

  • “A Brief History of Paris”: Carnavalet Museum; Marais District; Renaissance; Classical and 18th Century architecture
  • Versailles”: The Palace, the Park, the Bosquets
  • “French Paintings”: Musee du Louvre (new wings), Musee d’Orsay
  • “Monet”: L’Orangerie Museum (the Nympheas); Marmotan Museum; Giverny-(Monet’s house and garden)

French Language

Above all, Live & Learn is a very personalized total immersion program.

It is an excellent cultural and educational program for adult students of all ages as well as for teenagers (minimum age 15 years old).

You will live with a family, and member of the family will be your private teacher.

All families have been carefully selected. Teachers are experienced, and hold university diplomas.

The program will be tailored to your specific learning style and needs, whether this calls for emphasis on conversation, writing or reading skills, even a special subject or vocabulary.

As a student, you will always hear French spoken properly during class. You will not lose valuable learning time that must be devoted in larger class groups to a variety of abilities and accomplishments.

You may choose between 15 or 20 hours per week of private instruction.

Our attractive homes are located in the city of Paris and its outlying suburbs, as well as in Provence.

All participants have comfortable private rooms. Some homes in the suburbs have private baths.

Students are carefully matched with families according to their interests.

Our families have extensive knowledge of French history and culture. In addition, they are conversant on a variety of subjects.They welcome the occasion to share not only their teaching skills but the opportunity for cultural exchange that a program of this nature provides.

Participants become a part of their family’s lives during their stay and share in a cultural and learning experience that will develop both an understanding of the language and the people who speak it.

The program is available for a minimum of one week, usually beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. There is no limit on the length of stay. The program is available year round.

We encourage prospective participants to make their applications as far in advance as possible, particularly for homestays during the summer months, when the demand is the heaviest.

Stays can be arranged for two students coming together, such as a couple. If they are not at the same level of proficiency, the private class time will be diveded between them.

Participants will be met at the airport or train by their families and accompanied to same at the completion of their stay.

Online Courses

How we are different to another

Founded in 2009, OnlineDegreesPro provides comprehensive information about the various online colleges and universities worldwide. The information provided here is the best possible and authentic. It provides a platform for the prospective students to look for best possible opportunities to study further. This website carries updated and relevant information about the admission in various online schools, colleges and universities. OnlineDegreesPro also informs about all admission procedures, entrances exams and other related subjects.