Job Searching

By now you know the benefits of investing in your career. If you have followed our previous career advice by taking the career assessment, and by obtaining professional assistance with your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn® Profile, you are now prepared to locate the opportunities currently available within your work or career field. To gain the competitive edge, you must go beyond the free job search boards, and even go beyond LinkedIn®!

It is a brutal job market. Many hiring managers have stopped using free career sites to list jobs because they are overloaded with resumes from unqualified job applicants. Instead, they rely on other hidden sources; so should you. For example, if companies now post their jobs via Twitter® (which they do), and you want to know about those postings, you need to have access to the right Twitter® feeds. If the employers their company websites to post jobs; you should be viewing those job postings daily.

Up to 80% of new opportunities are in the hidden job market. It is not enough to just punch in various search parameters onto a job search engine, job search site, or an online job board; you must hunt down the hidden career and job opportunities. When you find the opportunities, you must immediately make your resume or job application visible to the employer!

A key to finding the hidden opportunities is to make your resume searchable. In this way, hiring managers can easily find your resume when they search for candidates (oh yes, employers and headhunters are out hunting and competing for you). If they cannot find you, they will find the candidate who marketed themselves and made themselves stand out above the rest of the job hunters. Make sure that you are visible to employers and that your resume appears at the top of employer searches. The same goes for your job application. Insure that you are on the top of the stack, not halfway down or at the bottom.

Finally, you should be ready for the call and the interview; it can happen fast. What does ready mean? It means that you have done your research, and you know all about the organizations that you applied to for work. You should know about the company’s history, the location, the key people, the products or services and other pertinent information. Most likely you will be asked what you know about the company, be prepared to answer that question.

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