HomeSchooling Curriculum Parallels Expectations from all Students in the District

Education comes in many forms and there are choices parents can make for their children. Most parents select the main stream public school system and some will select the homeschooling curriculum. The homeschooling curriculum will come from the school board and will parallel the expectations from all students in the district. Learning at home does not mean the child can select what to learn or even the parents can. They will still have to follow the requirements determined by the governing body they live under. They will need to report results with regularity and not deviate from the basics defined in the curriculum. They may add to it or supplement it in their own way. They just must meet the minimum as described.

Testing is also a consideration in the homeschooling curriculum. The students will still need to be tested officially to ensure they have been learning as they should. The parents of homeschool children may need to arrange to bring their children to a spot where testing can be done several times a year. Some boards require the testing be done in a controlled environment so that the results will be honest. The goal is to ensure all children have the tools they will need in life before they are finished their education.

A homeschooling curriculum can be a very good thing for a student with the right support. It can allow then a unique view of what they are learning and let their family unit supplement that from their own point of view. In a class room all of the children receive the same interpretation of information and free thought may not be encouraged.

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