Home School Curriculum Preferred by some Parents

The idea of placing their child in a public school system does not appeal to some parents and they prefer a home school curriculum. To teach a child at home is a serious commitment for any parent and still does not mean they can determine their own home school curriculum. They will be required by law in most places to follow a curriculum for home schooling that has been established by the school district governing bodies. Parents cannot just keep their children at home and teach them anything or nothing at all. They must still adhere to the requirements that all children must as a minimum level of education all children must get no matter where it is taught.

Parents must register for a home schooling program and their children’s progress monitored by the school board. The home school curriculum will follow the same basic as the regular day school program and the children will be expected to learn at the same rate. Teaching a child at home does not mean the child will get a poor education because they are still required to reach the same levels as other children. They may not sit in the same classroom but they will be doing much of the same basic work and expected to progress with their age group.

The home school curriculum is not a choice that many parents make for their children. It requires the parent to be the daily teacher for the child and prepare additional lesson plans to supplement his learning. It is a cooperative effort between the school board, parents and children that does not work for all parents’ schedules.

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