Free classroom website builder

If you’re new to classroom website building and just want to try it for free, you can use products as free classroom website builders that are available on free classroom website builder sites- in addition to paid services, they enable creating your own website for free with some restrictions. The reviewed free website builders are the current leaders in the field of classroom website building proving themselves a good option among classroom website builders. The free classroom website builders are extremely easy to use that help you in creating small to medium, sized classroom websites.

Majority of free classroom website builders offer vital services that make classroom website building an easy job. They offer online website builder services and advanced classroom website building for particularly small business and medium sized. These websites act as teachers’ classroom resources or store houses of information especially for the website builders.

Building website with HTML website builder

Now making website can be easy as there is no need to learn html website builder or be expert of HTML website building techniques. You can take help from various free classroom website builder sites to create your own website without the need to learn html website builders. You can build a website by following the below mentioned five step process that is as follows:

1. Choose your layout from a library of website templates.
2. Refine your design – choose your favorite graphic and pick the font size, text color, and navigation button style.
3. Edit your content with easy to use online editor.
4. Add extra features like Flash animation, a counter, feedback forms, guest books and more.
5. Publish your website.

Classroom web 2.0

Classroom web 2.0 helps you to make your classroom website with latest technique after web 1.0. Classroom web 2.0 uses all new and improved techniques that are newer in terms and are a bit much better. It is low cost sites made available for teachers to evaluate. Classroom web 2.0 is web-based communities, tools and services that facilitate collaboration and sharing among users. The Internet-based software programs that are generally referred to as “Web 2.0” may have been perceived, as the latest pet technology of the educational uber-geek or the conference presenter. However, Web 2.0 programs are rapidly becoming tools of choice for a growing body of classroom educators, who are discovering that they provide compelling teaching and learning opportunities.

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