Fathers Need a Role in Home Schooling

Too often when we discuss home school curriculum, the responsibility is placed on the mother, but the truth of the matter is thathomeschooling and developing the right homeschool curriculum is a team approach. So before you start wading through home school curriculum information on your own, talk to your partner about how taking a team approach can best suit the needs of your family.

Although fathers may not be able to participate in their child’s education during the day, they can supplement the home school curriculum used when interacting with their kids after work. Fathers can bring a whole new angle to their children’s homeschool curriculum. For example, if a child is struggling with some difficult reading, a father can help go through the reading in the evening, or even make the reading come alive through acting out the story.

Most importantly, fathers can impart to their children a real love of learning. Weekend fishing trips, hiking adventures or skiing can supplement home school curriculum in a fun way. Fathers can bring the joy of learning about nature, science and more alive to their children through these outings. Instead of just repeating the same homeschool curriculum used during the week, fathers can make learning fun and impart to their children a love of learning that will last for a lifetime.

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