Elementary Education, the Beginning of Structured Learning

An elementary education is the beginning of organized and structured learning for most children. Some may have had a few years in pre-school classes but this is often an option for parents. Most countries require children to enter some form of accredited elementary education school by the time they are six years old. They will have standards and lesson plans approved by the school board. Most children are eager to start school for many reasons. They like the excitement and fun with other children. Most children are ready to start learning by this age and they have curious minds waiting for direction. A few children will be less thrilled at the idea of leaving home and mom every day.

Elementary education needs to help all types of children adapt to the new routine of learning. The teacher needs to find a happy medium for the whole class. She needs to keep the eager children satisfied while encourage children that are facing struggles. The eager children may even be able to draw shy children out and help them make the adjustment. Almost all children will eventually settle in and find a way to adjust to school. The few children that do not adjust in the early years may be facing other problems that are not obvious immediately.

The years of elementary education usually last for the first six years a child is in school. After that they will continue their studies but with higher expectations and more personal pressure. The focus will be much more on theory and retaining it. The testing will increase and students will need to pass established levels before they can progress.

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