Developing Math Skills Through Educational Software

Today your home computer can host a range of educational toys, thanks to new games offered in CD-ROM format. Although these games don’t fall into the category of free educational games, they can offer tremendous value that’s well worth the small investment. If spending your dollars on a good educational toy or software program, do a bit of research to find out what you should look for.

If you want to advance your child’s math skills, look for a software program that advances in difficulty level as your child progresses. Parents or educators should be able to preview the topics or learning challenges included on the many levels of each activity. Good educational toys should provide the opportunity to explore and experiment rather than simply regurgitate answers to drill questions. If children are able to learn through trial and error, they are more likely to retain what they learn. In this instance, educational math software has a leg up on free educational games, like flash cards that encourage memorization instead of real understanding.

Although free educational games are the easiest on your pocketbook, the many advances in technology have made it possible to really spice up the fun kids can have with educational toys. Just look for features that truly encourage learning and you’ll be part of enhancing a child’s educational experience.

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