Phoenix Online Degrees: A Great way to Start your Career

Students nowadays want to earn and study at the same time and often they have to compromise on anyone, mostly education. But that does not mean that the student would have to leave his education unfinished. In today’s world, online education is a boon for such students and all the prominent colleges and universities in the world have online courses specially designed for such students. Admissions are generally on the basis of graduate or undergraduate credits and the students enjoy all the facilities and get the same course work and materials as the on-campus students. 

University of Phoenix has some of the best programs for online degrees and they hold equal status to any other degree from any other university. They have courses for the associate’s, bachelor’s masters and doctoral level and pursuing any of them will take you a step ahead of your colleagues. 

  • MS in Nursing: This course is open to nurses who already hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing and want to improve their skills and gain advanced knowledge in the field of nursing. The course focuses on the advancements made in the field of nursing and other departments of health care. Similar to this is the MS in Health Administration and this teaches about maintaining and running a nursing home or hospital.
  • BS in Database Administration: This course helps you to begin a successful career in Information Technology, and teaches the student regarding the importance and methods of analyzing and storing data. The students will also learn to install and develop new database applications and the use of desktop database, all of which are also becoming technologically advanced.
  • MS in Counseling: This course is meant for those who are already working as licensed professional in the medical world, but are in need for a valid graduate degree. Various programs and projects are assigned to the students to help them gain the required knowledge for practical purposes. It also teaches them to interact in a group and to learn about the different advanced theories in counseling.
  • BS in Communication: This course is not just theoretical, but actually addresses the issues of communication as they take place in the US among the people of different race, class and community, the barriers to be overcome with trying to communicate with people of different ethnicity. The course on Communication Technology, on the other hand, deals with the different types of gadgets used in the media today for communication purposes.
  • Criminal Justice: This course is meant for those who want to build a career in the law. Apart from the intelligence of studying, the students also need to possess analytical skills and observation power to excel in this course. Laws of the states and the background of the different agencies that are responsible for maintaining order are some of the few things that the student learns.


Kick Start your Career with an Online Degree from Maryland University

Education is important for the all round development of every individual, and nothing can be more proper to finish one’s education before entering the professional world. However, it often becomes necessary for students to start earning early, mostly to pay the expenses for daily essentials, or due to added responsibilities. A crossroad is reached where he has to choose between education and earning and often one has to choose the former for practical reasons. Not any more as online degrees has changed all of that.

The University of Maryland has one of the most impressive line-up of courses for students keen on applying for online courses. Last year alone 97,000 students enrolled for the online courses. They get to choose from over 40 different courses and subjects, both undergraduate and postgraduate and they range from communications to business administration to the social sciences.

  • BS in Human Resource Management: This course helps to give a student the detailed understanding of the management and the required skill needed for the placement of other candidates in respective sectors. After the completion of the course the student would be able have a sound knowledge about training and orientation programs, compensations, labor relations, recruitment, organizational behavior and much more for the non-profit and private sector.
  • BS in Psychology: A major in Psychology would enable to the student to start practicing as a psychologist or a councilor after the completion of the course. The student will learn about the different theories of psychology as propagated by the eminent psychologists and study the working of the human mind. Both theoretical and practical lessons are carried out by the use of webcams and the internet.
  • BS in Investigative Forensics: this course is based on national guidelines and teaches the student about the intricacies of police work along with theories and practical knowledge required to decipher crucial evidences in a crime scene. A sharp eye for noticing things and keen analytical skills are also required to do well in this course, apart from the educational intelligence. Forensic and lab-bases assignments are also given to students to prepare them for the real job.
  • BS in Gerontology: This course is taught in very few universities and Maryland University is one of them. Students completing this course can start their career as a housing or facilities manager for gerontological services. Students learn about the resource and health management of aging and older adults along with gaining an understanding of different programs related to them.
  • BS in Computer Science: This course teaches the student about designing and creating software and hardware for various systems and the theories and science of computer programming. Students can move on to become software scientist and engineers and system analysts. A good background in mathematics is required if the student is to successfully complete the course.


Pursue Higher Studies with Online Degrees from University of Georgia

Pursuing education and studying at the same time can be quite a cumbersome task, especially when the student knows that a certified degree from a reputed university will boost his career, but is unable to quit his work to attain it. In such cases, online degrees provide the perfect solution. It gives the student the opportunity to earn and study simultaneously, according to his or her own convenience. 

All the leading and reputed colleges in USA now offer distance education as a part of their education program, and one of the leading among them is the University of Georgia, which has an interesting and updated curriculum to meet the modern educational standards in the global arena. Students pursuing their degree online are entitled to receive the same course work and study materials which are delivered directly to them, and they can attend seminars and lectures live through video conferencing.

  • The Independent or Distance Learning Program: The University has different programs for distance learning and they are designed considering the needs of the students. Foremost among them is the IDL or the Independent or Distance Learning. There are about hundred and twenty courses to choose from and you can complete your course work and submit your assignment from anywhere if you have access to internet. The course work and educational procedures are administered by the Center of Continuing Education and the students learn under the expert guidance of UGA instructors.
  • Master of Education (M.Ed) Degree Program: This is a part of the Adult Education Program, specifically meant for older, working professionals. The students will have to complete 33 credit hours and prepare an applied project, complete an M.Ed Student Port Folio in addition to clearing a written or oral examination. Course work and other materials are delivered to the students through CDs and DVDs but the university has now access to the WebCT software, which can be used to prepare comprehensive course work using images, audio and video.
  • Special Education Training on the Web: SETWEB, as it is popularly known, is designed for students already holding a valid undergraduate degree and are keen on pursuing and teaching special education. On the successful completion of the course, the students will be awarded a certificate known as the “Interrelated Special Education” certificate, which is awarded for courses in special education like Characteristics of Learning Disabilities, Characteristics of Behavior Disorder, and Methods of Teaching Social Skills etc.
  • The Terry Executive MBA Program: This degree can be attained from the Terry College of Business, and is suitable for working professionals, interested to now the latest trend in business management. This is not a 100% online program, and only about half of the curriculum is taught online, rest on campus. This is because the students are encouraged to participate in group discussions and forums, as being able to work in a team cannot be taught online.


Online Degree Programs in Florida

Distance Education is fast emerging as a popular course of study for those students who are interested in pursuing their education and starting their professional career simultaneously. Or for those students who want to pursue two or more different courses at the same time. Online education is time-saving and it gives the students the independence to study, without having to compromise their education for more pressing needs like earning for the family or shifting to another state. 

The Florida State University has a competent and interesting curriculum lined up for students undergoing their Online Education Program. The students can obtain both Graduate and Masters Degree but they have to meet the desired requirements for both college admissions and in the concerned department. If you think that the level of education is in anyway compromised or that the these students stand to achieve less than the students attending full-time classes, then you are mistaken because the FSU provides its distance education program students with facilities like video-conferencing, through which they can attend lectures and seminars at the same time as the full timers.

Some important courses are discussed:

  • Master of Business Administration: The online MBA degree from the University of Florida is considered equivalent to any other MBA degree and the students are at par with the other MBA students. Being a graduate is a pre-requisite for this course with the course being of 2 year duration for those having any other previous degree, while it of one year duration for students having any other business degree. The students will be formally educated from the Warrington College of Business Administration. Proctored examinations are held once a semester to evaluate the student’s progress.
  • M.Sc in Civil Engineering: You can obtain your Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the College of Engineering, under University of Florida. This college has been ranked as the best engineering college in Florida and the distance education students are taught the same curriculum that is taught in the campus, the course work and lectures delivered directly to them in DVD and through the internet. A B.Sc degree in Civil Engineering is a must to gain admission to this program, and overseas students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 550.
  • M.Sc in Environmental Science: Students can opt for both thesis and non-thesis programs for this course, with the scores depending on which program they choose. Although the education imparted is completely online and through the direct delivery of DVDs, the students will have to attend one seminar on the Gainesville campus and make one presentation related to the thesis. Courses commence twice a year in January and August and is formally taught by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, affiliated to FSU.

Best Online Degrees from Colorado State University

All the major universities and colleges offer distance education programs because they are well aware of the fact that more and more students are opting for online education since it provides them with the dual opportunity of studying and pursuing other interests at the same time, and the numbers of these students are increasing by the day. The Colorado State University is one such institution offering online degrees and students are greatly benefited from the updated curriculum. Course work and study materials are delivered to the students directly and they are the same as the on-campus curriculum.

The university offers a host of disciplines for the students to choose from. Ranging from management, arts and social sciences, there are more than a hundred different courses and subjects, and the degree is considered equal to all the other major degrees from other universities. Apart from the regular and more conventional courses, there are courses which are specifically designed for those who already possess a sound knowledge regarding the concerned subjects.

  • Business and the Natural Environment: This course helps the students to acquire a better understanding of the corporate and the business world. It teaches them what may be the consequences of taking certain decisions which may be right legally, but may prove too hazardous when looked at another point of view, especially to our environment about which most of us hardly pay a thought. 40 seats are allowed for this course with three credit hours.
  • Integrated Resource Management: The IRM, as it is generally known as, teaches the students about being responsible about natural resources and how indiscriminate plundering of resources like mining and drilling effect the earth negatively. On the successful completion of this course the students go on to become agricultural managers, with full responsibility towards their work and making most out of the proper agricultural methods and preserving animals in their natural habitat.
  • Civil Engineering: The Master of Engineering course is predominantly bent towards the preservation and use of water resources and teaching students about hydraulics and hydrology. Students learn about modern techniques and latest developments in the world of engineering, in turn learning to use them for environmental monitoring and water resource management and systems analysis.
  • Computer Science: The Masters degree in Computer Science is a fully online program, teaching students about the latest techniques in software designing, software testing, algorithms and network security. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, the course prepares the students for it successful application as well. those already working in the IT sector will greatly benefit from the course as they gain advanced knowledge in the domain of software engineering.

Get Online Degrees from California for a Bright Future

Online degrees are a boon to the modern students because it gives them the opportunity to study and work at the same time, without compromising in any aspect. Education can be pursued according to a desired schedule and after its successful completion; the student can make a mark in his professional world with improved skills and advanced knowledge. There are many reputed colleges in California which offer distance education programs as part of their educational curriculum.

The California State University itself offers online courses on more than 50 different disciplines and university’s Technological Services offers programs which can enable the student to get a Master’s Degree. Designing, Tourism and Teaching are just some of the categories in which online degrees can be attained; there are a host of other subjects and disciplines to choose from as well like criminal justice, nursing and computer science.

For those who cannot attend regular classes and are yet keen to obtain their graduate degree, the California State University gives you the chance to choose from a range of subjects to fulfill your dreams. The line-up is so comprehensive that a few of the disciplines and subjects are listed below:

  • Undergraduate Programs: The list is simply exhaustive. Bachelor of Science in Management,Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Multimedia and Visual Communication, Bachelor of Science in Information, Bachelor of Science in Communication, and the list goes on and on. Course work and study materials are delivered directly to the students in DVD and online interaction with the faculty is scheduled according the convenience of the students. Admission procedures are subject to the rules in the departments concerned.
  • Arts and Humanities: Fashion Designing and Graphic Designing are the most popular courses in this segment. Students may have to make a presentation or submit a project at the end of the course. Other disciplines taught are Writing, Communications and English.
  • Social Sciences: Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Public Administration are the disciplines taught here. These courses are more research based and are preferred by students who would soon start practicing in the real world.
  • Health and Medicine: Students can choose from Health Care Administration, Nursing and Psychology to obtain their online degree. The curriculum is very comprehensive with updated knowledge imparted to the students regarding the path-breaking discoveries being made in the medical world. Students can attend lectures through video conferences.

International Business Courses – Reach Out for Global Careers!

In the last many years, the global market has enjoyed exponential growth and witnessed the emergence of diverse and multicultural industries. Commercial and industrial growth has led to an increase in demand for workforce. In today’s world, if you can acquire the training and skills required for industrial advancement, then you have excellent chances of succeeding. Good International Business Courses can be your key to successful careers.

Students training in international business will learn the principles and processes that drive the global business. They will learn about importing and exporting, the international market and sales, rules and regulations of trade, foreign operations, policies that guide international businesses, trade problems, issues of law and finance, cultural relations, and much more. Students will learn the application of these concepts in the specific industrial market and in specific countries.

At their core, International Business Courses will include study of the following subjects:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Economics
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems

There are no specific prerequisites to enrolling at International Business Colleges. Students must be ready to take up studies abroad however.

There are many B-Schools that offer International Business Courses as part of their specialized training programs. The aim of courses offered by International Business Colleges is to prepare students with an understanding of and training in global business processes and operations. Degree options in International Business Courses are:

  • Associate of Arts (AA)
  • Associate of Science (AS)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Master of Arts (MA)
  • Master of Science (MS)
  • Doctorate (PhD)

Degree programs in international business focus on the development of business skills. Students are taught the process of analysis of global finance and trade, understanding of cultural relations and policies and how these effect business decisions and trends and the challenges of international market. Students can expect to learn:

  • International business and principles
  • Business policies and applications
  • Multicultural business protocols
  • Basic principles of finance management
  • Significance of Eurodollar
  • International finance models
  • Developments in international finance
  • Global banking systems
  • Foreign exchange
  • International macroeconomics
  • Relative economics
  • Foreign language courses (French, Spanish, German, etc.)

A Degree in International Business will open wide avenues for graduates and post-graduates. International Business offers highly lucrative careers and the scope of a regular college Degree in Global Business is excellent. Graduates and post-graduates can land careers in Global Market Research and Analysis, Global Communications, International Information Technology, International Affairs Directing, International Sales Management, etc.

In additional to regular International Business Management courses, there are also several distant education programs available. It is possible to acquire a Degree, Diploma or Certificate in International Business Management. Online Certifications are also available for students who are already pursuing a regular relevant course at some college. Part-time or full-time working professionals will also find pursuing online International Business Courses to their advantage.

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology is a new field designed by the Association of Educational Communication as well as Technology, which is also known as AECT. It includes all the theories as well as practical implementation of design, development, evaluation, utilization, management and all the resources that can be used while learning. 
The name itself suggests what the course is all about. It teaches one all about the technology that can be used to make the process of learning easy.

It consists of concepts, constructs, principles as well as propositions. These studies are very detailed. After teaching all about the technology that can be used for teaching, one is even made to practice all that one has learnt so that one can become a pro in using these technology. This technology can be used to solve problems that one comes across while teaching.

A course of instructional technology  focuses on learning the concepts as well as practicing them. It provides them an experience before they actually apply it in their actual work. 
One can use the knowledge taught in the course instructional technology in various fields like design, management, evaluation, development, utilization. This course can be taken up by the professional as well as the students. It is a process which consists of several activities performed to achieve certain result. Simulated environments are used for giving students a feel of the real environment. This course helps one to improve upon the teaching as well as learning skills.

Instructional technology has two historical theories. One is related to the recent development of the sensory devices and it goes back to 1900s. There is other that is based on systems approach. This one finds its roots in 1600s.

During World war II a lot of audio visuals were used for learning the working of technology that had to be used in the war. This system of learning took lesser time. The other benefit of using this method of learning the workings of the various equipments was that a large number of people can be trained simultaneously. 
In today’s world this technology is being used for finding a solution for different kinds of educational programs. This is not only restricted to classroom teaching but also extends to online courses.


Improve Your Quality of Teaching my Earning an Instructional Technology Degree

The combination of teaching and technological aid is what is generally referred to as Instructional Technology. This field of education goes far beyond the use of computers as teaching aids. The primary objective of instructional technology is to improve the quality of education in institutions that are over-crowded, yet lacking in funds. This branch of education deals with design, development, evaluation and application of advanced teaching and learning methods. There is a vast range of online Instructional Technology Degrees, from Bachelor’s to Doctoral degrees.

The instructional technology degrees available at the undergraduate level, generally lead to a Master of Education or a Master of Science in Educational Technology degree. Non-traditional methods of education are gradually catching on, and a special knowledge of instructional technology is required for those who will to enhance e-learning, or become instructors who are well-acquainted with various educational tools. These degrees help to increase communication between groups of learners and also provide valuable information regarding the behaviour of learners. Being well-versed with the latest technological developments in the field of education, not only improves one’s own quality as an educator, but also helps to evoke better academic or practical performance from one’s students.

With the gradual evolution of the education sector, Instructional technology is gaining more and more prominence. Students aspiring to earn an online Instructional Technology Degree generally apply for an advanced degree in this field; that is, after they have completed their Bachelor’s degree. Eligibility to apply for these online courses however, varies from university to university, and mainly depends on the status and accreditation acquired by the University. Most universities expect students applying for this course to have a knack for teaching, and some basic knowledge of the use of computers, as this will prove to be beneficial for the aspiring students, in the long run.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Instructional Technology helps students to develop teaching skills and to implement technological teaching aids effectively. These courses cover the internet, multimedia tools and computer technology as mandatory course components. Other courses taught under the wide umbrella of Instructional technology are:

  • Educational Media and Technology
  • Developing Multimedia Materials
  • Educational Hardware Systems
  • Distance Education
  • Computer Interface Design for Learning
  • Instructional Design
  • Integrating technology into the Classroom

An Instructional Technology Degree holder has a wide range of career opportunities – from teaching, curriculum design and development to school administration. Private sector employs instructional technology graduates as corporate training specialists. These degrees enable students to stay updated with the ever-changing face of education. Some of the popular universities offering online degrees in this field are:

  • Walden University Online
  • University of Phoenix
  • Jones International University Online
  • American Intercontinental University
  • DeVry University.

Homeland Security Degree through Online Programs

Homeland security degree online is a course where you learn about domestic intelligence, emergency preparedness, infrastructure security, border security, security technology research, nuclear weapon detection, etc.

You can earn a Certification and learn how to scrutinize, how to identify major peril and terrorization of national as well as domestic security, counter to national disasters and epidemics, analyze intelligence. As a homeland security agent you will be responsible of protecting employers’ investments and public spaces, enforce laws on property, and prevent threatening activity through observation and computer systems. Homeland security specialists also trace communication and information that pass through telecommunications, written mediums, and even cyberspace.

Homeland Security Education and Training

Armed with a homeland security degree online, you get to specialize in areas such as network security, terrorism management, emergency management, infrastructure security and digital security. In some of the degree programs, homeland security is classified under criminal justice and legal studies, while in others they are a part of public administration. This field of study, particularly; homeland security at master’s degree level is continuously growing as there is a necessity to grant trained homeland security personnel.

In order to be a licensed professional, you should be at least eighteen years of age, a complete background check, and should have taken homeland security courses.

Careers in Homeland Security

A Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy – Homeland Security Policy and the Coordination program prepares you for a career as a trained safety and security worker in corpotrate and business houses, home building associations, airports, public safety, stadiums, FBI,security police officers, Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Officer, State Police Officers, US Marshall’s, Customs Investigators and Diplomatic Security, Special Agents, and Homeland Security Special Agents to mention only a few of the areas that opens up with the completion of homeland security degree online program.

Expected Salary and Projected Career Growth

The average income of a person who has completed homeland security degree online ranges somewhere around $42,000 for a police officer to around $90,000 for criminal investigators yearly. Therefore, you can expect to earn a salary starting somewhere at $13,000 to $143,000 annually.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states a positive employment statistics in all the major fields of public safety. There is a wide range of career options with a homeland security degree online with a wide salary range also.

Some of the universities offering Homeland security degree online are:

Capella University – Online

  • BS in Public Safety – Homeland Security

Strayer University

  • Undergrad Cert in IS: Homeland Security & Information Systems
  • Diploma: IS: Homeland Security & Info Systems
  • BSCJ: Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Kaplan University – Online

  • BSCJ / Homeland Security

Walden University

  • Master of Public Administration – Homeland Security Policy
  • Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration – Homeland Security Policy and Coordination

Eastern Kentucky University

  • Certificate in Homeland Security
  • MS in Safety, Security & Emergency Management – Homeland Security