Cultural Homestay Program

The program offers an opportunity to live with a carefuly-selected French family in Paris or its environs. There are also limited locations available in Provence.

Stays inculde 6 nights in a comfortable private room. Some homes outside of Paris have private baths.

Six breakfasts and 6 dinners in the home of the host family are included, as are 3 simple restaurant lunches on excursion days.

Stays generally begin on a Saturday, and conclude the following Saturday after breakfast.

Stays include 3 days of excursions to Paris and its environs, accompanied by a family member who will act as your guide.

All homes in the suburbs have access to the city of Paris via public transportation.

Cultural homestays are available in French, English, or a combination of the two languages.

Families have extensive knowledge of French history, art and culture. In addition, they are conversant on a variety of subjects.

During the participants’ independent time, the families will do everything possible to provide them with theinformation necessary to make their visit a special one.

Participants become a part of family life during their stay and share in a cultural exchange, as well as having the opportunity to visit the sights of the area.

Programs are generally designed for individuals, but it is possible to arrange for two participants; couples, family members or friends.

Cultural homestays are an ideal way for individuals traveling alone to visit Paris.

Admission fees to museums, historical landmarks, and public transportation are included during scheduled excursions to Paris.

The following is a sample of possible topics to be discovered with your family:

  • “A Brief History of Paris”: Carnavalet Museum; Marais District; Renaissance; Classical and 18th Century architecture
  • Versailles”: The Palace, the Park, the Bosquets
  • “French Paintings”: Musee du Louvre (new wings), Musee d’Orsay
  • “Monet”: L’Orangerie Museum (the Nympheas); Marmotan Museum; Giverny-(Monet’s house and garden)

French Language

Above all, Live & Learn is a very personalized total immersion program.

It is an excellent cultural and educational program for adult students of all ages as well as for teenagers (minimum age 15 years old).

You will live with a family, and member of the family will be your private teacher.

All families have been carefully selected. Teachers are experienced, and hold university diplomas.

The program will be tailored to your specific learning style and needs, whether this calls for emphasis on conversation, writing or reading skills, even a special subject or vocabulary.

As a student, you will always hear French spoken properly during class. You will not lose valuable learning time that must be devoted in larger class groups to a variety of abilities and accomplishments.

You may choose between 15 or 20 hours per week of private instruction.

Our attractive homes are located in the city of Paris and its outlying suburbs, as well as in Provence.

All participants have comfortable private rooms. Some homes in the suburbs have private baths.

Students are carefully matched with families according to their interests.

Our families have extensive knowledge of French history and culture. In addition, they are conversant on a variety of subjects.They welcome the occasion to share not only their teaching skills but the opportunity for cultural exchange that a program of this nature provides.

Participants become a part of their family’s lives during their stay and share in a cultural and learning experience that will develop both an understanding of the language and the people who speak it.

The program is available for a minimum of one week, usually beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. There is no limit on the length of stay. The program is available year round.

We encourage prospective participants to make their applications as far in advance as possible, particularly for homestays during the summer months, when the demand is the heaviest.

Stays can be arranged for two students coming together, such as a couple. If they are not at the same level of proficiency, the private class time will be diveded between them.

Participants will be met at the airport or train by their families and accompanied to same at the completion of their stay.