Aim High with Online Texas University

Online Education is the norm of the day, and almost all the major universities offer Distance Education Programs. It is fast gaining popularity among the students because it gives them the opportunity to study and earn at the same time. And among all the universities, the Texas A&M University has made quite an impact in the world of distance education with the use of cutting-edge technology, modern and revised curriculum and providing the best assistance to the students. Their graduate program is one of the best and the degree is at par with all the other degrees from any other university. The students can opt for both undergraduate and post-graduate programs, some of which are as follow:

Master in Statistics: This program allows you get your Masters degree in statistics according your desired scheduled. It is mandatory for students to have at least completed two semesters of calculus and have a through understanding of algebra. The program requires no campus visit and yet they are taught the same curriculum as the on-campus students with the course materials delivered directly to them. Students can contact their supervisors anytime over e-mail or video conference.

M.S. in Mathematics: This course comprises of 36 semester hours, and is for those students who already hold an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, and prefer to hone their skills and add to their knowledge to teach in colleges themselves. Apart from Mathematics, students will also have to take up special papers in Education and Statistical Methods to attain the skill required in teaching. Examinations are held every semester for the evaluation of the students, along with submission of research work and projects.

Master of Wildlife Science: Term begins twice a year, in spring and fall and the course is meant for those people who are interested to work for the improvement of our natural environment, and to obtain a better understanding of the factors that influences our atmosphere. The course comprises of 36 credit hours and a professional paper, which is to be submitted at the end of the course and the final examination is held on the university campus. An undergraduate degree is a pre-requisite to gain admission in this course.

M.Ed in Educational Technology: This is a 39 hour program, specially designed for those who want to gain advanced knowledge the arena of using technology in business or education. They will be able to design materials for more advanced classroom teaching and also in other sectors like audio recording, video recording, and photography. They will also have to work on projects to show how their new ideas would help to revolutionize the teaching system. Admissions are on the basis of GRE scores and credits in the last 60 hours of the undergraduate program.

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