Do You Need A Home School Curriculum For Your Children

The homeschooling trend is spreading across the nation and around the world. Many parents have decided, for a variety of reasons, that schooling their children at home is the best decision for their family.

What are some of the reasons parents are motivated to teach their children at home? The reasons vary.

One top reason cited is that the parents disagree with the curriculum being used in their local school district. For example, some parents believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to education stifles the natural creativity of their children. Other parents are concerned with the inevitable peer pressure that exists in schools and the negative impact of being exposed to alcohol and drugs which exists in many schools.

Other parents are angered by the English as a second language programs which they feel slows the progress of their children. Another reason some parents school their children at home is because they want to provide advanced, or remedial, classes for their child that is not offered at their local school. There are obviously many reasons why a parent would be motivated to school their children at home. However, many experts still disagree whether it is the best decision or not.

Some experts admit that for some children it may be the best decision. The most commonly cited reason against home schooling is the development of social skills — those against home schooling claim that children schooled at home don’t have the opportunity to develop important social skills. They claim that this will hurt the children when they try to enter the “real world” of college and employment.

They say that a traditional school environment allows children the opportunity to make friends and socialize with others in a variety of projects. Home schooling parents disagree with this argument because they recognize that even without entering school their children are able to make friends in a variety of settings such as church, sports, clubs, and the neighborhood.

They also make the argument that traditional schools are a contrived setting and not a replication of the “real world.” They also claim that developing social skills, which are best nurtured in the family, are not necessarily an important part of a quality education.

Home schooling advocates also cite the numerous studies which have discovered that children schooled at home are usually better prepared to excel at college than children who have attended traditional schools.

Some advocates this is because children schooled at home are able to progress at their own level; whereas, children educated at traditional schools are either pulled down by slower learners or left behind by faster learners. Many advanced and remedial students are unable to progress properly in traditional classrooms.

Home schooling parents are able to teach a curriculum they approve of without the distraction of peer pressure, behavioral problems and at a speed which works for their child.

There are also a wide variety of educational philosophies which parents are able to consider when making the decision to home school their child. There are many pros and cons to both sides of the argument and parents need to consider all of them when choosing what is best for their child.

A Home School Education Is Becoming Popular

Home school education has grown in popularity over the last decade. Many parents, and their school age children, have discovered how much fun and success they can have with home school education. Their reasons for choosing home school education are many. For example, some parents have decided they wish to have greater control over what their child is learning. Another reason they have chosen home school education is because they are concerned with the physical safety of their children. Also, many parents have discovered that traditional schooling does not work for their child.

Many parents in the United States have discovered that the public school system does not have the best standards. Confronted with a failing public school system they have opted for a home school education for their children. Many public schools are still using outdated texts and have rundown buildings and equipment which is falling apart. Home school education allows them to avoid all of these negatives and provide better texts and facilities for their child.

Home school education also allows them to teach their child in a sanitary and safe location.

Another reason for the popularity of home school education is because schooling children at home allows parents to choose what and when their child will be learning. They are also able to avoid many of the negative social influences which are present in most public schools. They can also teach their religion to their child in home school education. Home school education also allows parents to impart their values to their child and allow them to learn in an environment of peace and acceptance (something which is sadly lacking in many public schools).

However, one of the main reasons many parents choose a home school education for their child is because they are concerned with their child’s safety. So many violent crimes have been committed in schools in recent years that parents are not willing to send their child in to such an environment. Some parents feel that the situation is out of control and not a place where they would ever like their child to be.

Obviously there are problems with home school education — it isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. Many parents find that the consistency required to make sure their child is getting the best education is difficult. They also may be troubled by the stringent requirements of their local school district or state. They may also find social opportunities for their child harder to find. In a traditional school setting it isn’t necessary to make sure the child is getting much social interaction because they are interacting with their peers all day. In a home school education setting it may be harder to provide them with these opportunities.

Home school driver education is one area where home schooling provides an obvious advantage. It allows the student to work at their own pace and have hours in which to practice. It also allows them plenty of time to fill out the required paperwork and study for the driving test. There are also videos available for students who are undertaking home school driver education.

A Good Home School Physical Education Is Also Important

Home school physical education is a very important part of any home school. It is also one of the biggest problems facing home schooling families — it’s easy for a child to learn math at home but harder for them to learn the fundamentals of team sports.

Fortunately, there are many ways a home school physical education plan can fit into a home school schedule. The only hard part is finding the time. Often when planning a curriculum and taking care of the needs of the family, parents let home school physical education fall through the cracks.

Low Energy Issues

As a matter of fact, many people find themselves with low energy levels, too tired to play, or bike, or run with their children. Yet it is important to provide these opportunities to your children when home schooling them. Providing them with a chance to run and play during home school is important. You may remember how much you loved or hated gym while you were in school — either way it is important that you provided opportunities for home school physical education for your child.

Physical education is much more than learning the rules of various team sports. It must be a planned program which helps students achieve physical fitness. The program should be planned in advance and implemented on a regular basis. Beyond the rules of games, home school physical education should also teach the child to enjoy fitness, good sportsmanship, and how to be healthy for life.

Even if you feel so overwhelmed by other homeschooling responsibilities you can still get creative and find time when your child can run and play and exercise their bodies. Home school physical education can be as simple as creating and obstacle course in the backyard or riding bikes together after dinner. Even a walk can suffice. It only takes thirty minutes daily for your child to benefit from home school physical education.

There are many easy ways physical education can be incorporated into a home school. Parents and children can take a walk together before or after school. They can turn on the radio and dance. They can stretch or do yoga together. Even shooting hoops in the backyard qualifies as home school physical education.

One of the most popular forms of home school is the classical education home school. This method of home schooling advises a return to classic literature and classic methods of learning. It is a very attractive option to the public school system. Even with a busy classical education home school it is still important to find time for fitness

Your Motivation is the key to an Excellent Career!

Every now and then you see someone who demonstrates excellence in their job and career. It might be an exceptional waitress who anticipates your every need. Or a manager who generates both high performance and loyalty in his teams. It could be a teacher with a knack for unlocking the desire to learn in each student. We honor excellence, but it is rare. Why is that so rare? More importantly, how can you become known as a man or woman who consistently demonstrates career excellence?

One comment that is often heard about those who demonstrate career excellence is, “He/she is a natural at their job.” They don’t seem to struggle to be excellent; it just flows. That is always a sign of motivation, and therein lies the first key: Motivation is required for an excellent career.

Motivation is what we like to do naturally. It’s like being right or left-handed. We don’t even think about it. The same is true for excellence. They have a group of motivations that work in concert to help them perform at a higher level. Like all motivations, these were inborn and are as much a part of them as the color of their eyes.

But wait a minute: Motivation can be developed. People who demonstrate career excellence have identified their motivations and worked hard in their job to develop them. They have added knowledge, skill, experience and practice to consistently achieve the highest levels of career success.

However, there is a flipside to this: The best we can be with low motivation is adequate. No matter how much we try, in the long run we will never be excellent at our jobs or careers if our level of motivation is low. In other words, if we toil in areas where we have low motivation, we resign ourselves to mediocrity.

Do you want to be mediocre? Do you want to be known as “adequate?” Wouldn’t you rather be excellent in your job and your career? The first step to unlocking your excellence is to know what you do well naturally. What are your motivations?

Resume and LinkedIn Profile

The first step in your exciting new career is to assess your motivations and strengths. We introduced that step and recommended and excellent career assessment tool on our Free Career Path Test Page. In case you haven’t figured out what career path to follow, you may want to check that out first. If you already know your career path or type of job, and you are headed in the right direction, based on your motivations and what comes naturally to you, then you are ready to create your resume.

It is important that your resume accurately reflects the person that shows up at the interview. It is also important that your resume contains every single element that a hiring manager will be scanning for when reviewing resumes. Some organizations use software to scan resumes, so it is vital that your resume is also created in such a way that it will be accepted by manual or automatic resume scanning methods. It takes an expert to create a great resume.

If you are like many job seekers, creating an outstanding resume on your own is not likely. Even if you are organized, can write well, and think are qualified to write your own resume, the task of doing it yourself may take too much time, and the final resume may not be the optimum resume for your job search. Also, it is always a great idea to have someone who is not biased and who knows your industry, to work with you on your resume. Not only is it important for editing and proofreading, but also for second opinions, ideas and expertise. You require someone who is up to date on the latest and most important elements and information to include in your resume based on your industry or career path.

You must be a big part of creating your resume because the resume reflects you (the person who walks into the interview room). However, you also must have a resume that meets current standards by providing the correct information and formatting to land you the interview. It is well worth the time and expense to work with a professional in your industry. Be sure that you have the most outstanding and the highest quality resume that will stand out, represent you as a serious candidate for the interview and ultimately, the career or job.

Job Searching

By now you know the benefits of investing in your career. If you have followed our previous career advice by taking the career assessment, and by obtaining professional assistance with your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn® Profile, you are now prepared to locate the opportunities currently available within your work or career field. To gain the competitive edge, you must go beyond the free job search boards, and even go beyond LinkedIn®!

It is a brutal job market. Many hiring managers have stopped using free career sites to list jobs because they are overloaded with resumes from unqualified job applicants. Instead, they rely on other hidden sources; so should you. For example, if companies now post their jobs via Twitter® (which they do), and you want to know about those postings, you need to have access to the right Twitter® feeds. If the employers their company websites to post jobs; you should be viewing those job postings daily.

Up to 80% of new opportunities are in the hidden job market. It is not enough to just punch in various search parameters onto a job search engine, job search site, or an online job board; you must hunt down the hidden career and job opportunities. When you find the opportunities, you must immediately make your resume or job application visible to the employer!

A key to finding the hidden opportunities is to make your resume searchable. In this way, hiring managers can easily find your resume when they search for candidates (oh yes, employers and headhunters are out hunting and competing for you). If they cannot find you, they will find the candidate who marketed themselves and made themselves stand out above the rest of the job hunters. Make sure that you are visible to employers and that your resume appears at the top of employer searches. The same goes for your job application. Insure that you are on the top of the stack, not halfway down or at the bottom.

Finally, you should be ready for the call and the interview; it can happen fast. What does ready mean? It means that you have done your research, and you know all about the organizations that you applied to for work. You should know about the company’s history, the location, the key people, the products or services and other pertinent information. Most likely you will be asked what you know about the company, be prepared to answer that question.


It takes a lot of preparation to get invited to a job interview. The basic steps to the interview are: Career Assessment and Research, Preparing a Resume, and Searching for the Job. It takes time, money, and determination to get the interviews that you want. Therefore, it is important to protect your investment by being prepared for your interview.

You should be knowledgeable about the organization for which you are interviewing. You should know general details about the company, and you should know specific details about the department and job you have applied to. Know names of key people, know the products, know job details, and as much additional information as you can acquire. Additionally, you must be prepared to answer and ask questions during the interview,

As we mentioned on the Resume Page of this website, when you are interviewed, the person in the interview should mirror the person in the resume. In other words, you want to be the person the interviewer is expecting based on your resume. Keep this in mind as you think about your answers to job interview questions, questions you may ask during an interview, and any other statements you will make.

Prepare for the interview by coming up with ways to show that your work experience is perfect for the job. If you are not feeling confident going into the interview, you can calm your nerves by being prepared to present yourself to your future employer. You also should figure out ways to demonstrate important things like Behavioral Competencies into your answers. Practice using professional words and phrases. Convince the interviewer by talking about your strengths and successes. Have a strategy for trick questions and awkward topics. Know ahead of time which questions to ask the employer; you will want to demonstrate your intelligence and your interest in the job. Finally, be prepared to say exactly what they want to hear and know how to ask for the job.

That is a lot of preparation! Most people need help preparing for job interviews. Since the interview can come with short notice, it is important to have a resource that allows you to get thoroughly prepared fast. We recommend you consider one of the best, least expensive, and easiest to use job interview guides available. The guide will help you to be completely prepared and confident for your interview.

Iowa Jobs

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Computer Animation Courses: Your First Step In Becoming A Great Animator

Colleges and universities have developed computer animation courses in early 1980s. Through the years, the demands in the field of computer graphics have grown fast. Skills in computer animation are important requirements to achieve a good paying job. Animation courses have focus on specific roles associated in a certain production but have common themes. These themes include character animation, sound, drawing, 2D and 3D animation, studio practice, film theory and production process. The schools should maintain the high-tech hardware and software. Once you have finished your animation course, you have the chance to work on the prestigious studios around the world. These studios include DreamWorks, ESC Entertainment, Framestore CFC, Mill and Aardman Animations, and The Moving Picture Company.

Animation Companies hire creative people who have extreme ability in drawing. Such skills may be acquired through schooling. You will need to enroll in an animation course in order to gain skills in computer graphics. If you really want to be a great animator, certain discipline should be considered in computer animation. It is important that you will enroll in any course because you really are interested in it and not being manipulated by others. You will not learn the principles of animation if you were just forced by others to study it. Courses in animation are also available through the net. If you dont have the time to go to colleges everyday because of your hectic schedule, online computer animation school fits you. Online computer animation schools offer variety of related courses in animation. Areas of study include computer graphics, cell animation, 3D modeling, 3D set construction, multimedia, Interactive animation and more. You may choose among those on what specialization you focused your study.

Numerous online schools may give you proper training to help you achieve your dream of becoming a great animator. The best part about online schools is that you may study at the comfort of your home. Different approach is being taught to students who prefer to enroll the course in a prestigious animation school. The school provides high tech tools and latest learning in computer animation. You will be able to widely apply and practice your skills in large and complete laboratory. Computer animation courses include all that you need in the field to get ahead. You may study programs in software, hardware and technologies in creating realistic animation. Learn to develop your skills in creating backgrounds and lighting effects and story lines, textures and characters. Layering techniques, visual effects and articulation of characters is being taught in animation training. After acquiring enough knowledge in animation course, start setting your work plan. You may enhance your skills while being challenge by competition on computer animation. Now is the time to prove others and yourself that you will be a great animator.